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High Strength Point Start Grinding Machine, Special For Car Surface Polishing Industrial Grade Hand Tool Multifunction and Ergonomic

Product Features:

    Disk diameter: 1 (inch)Applicable sandpaper: high mesh sandpaperNo-load speed: 8000 (rpm)Working pressure: 0.6kgAverage air consumption: 0.4Air inlet size: 1/4 (inch)Recommended tracheal diameter: 8 (mm)Tool net weight: 0.5 (kg)Length: 140mmHeight: 7mmCompressed air flow: 6kgAir interface thread: 1/4Use (applicable industry): car, furniture, notebookIf you have any question, please contact us. We…
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Product Description

Disk diameter: 1 (inch)

Applicable sandpaper: high mesh sandpaper

No-load speed: 8000 (rpm)

Working pressure: 0.6kg

Average air consumption: 0.4

Air inlet size: 1/4 (inch)

Recommended tracheal diameter: 8 (mm)

Tool net weight: 0.5 (kg)

Length: 140mm

Height: 7mm

Compressed air flow: 6kg

Air interface thread: 1/4

Use (applicable industry): car, furniture, notebook

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Product Features

  • Ultra-fast grinding speed: 2500RPM High speed, high horsepower and strong balance.
  • Professional polishing tools: 5-inch brushed chassis, efficient and easy.
  • Silencer design: The venting hole has its own muffling function, which effectively reduces noise pollution.
  • Speed control design: Turn the adjustment knob to adjust the speed.
  • Filter design: The air inlet has a strainer to effectively reduce impurities and damage the equipment.