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High Strength Pneumatic Riveting Gun, SN-865 Automatic Pneumatic Hollow Rivet Nut Gun Industrial Grade Hand Tool Multifunction and Ergonomic

Product Features:

    Maximum puller size: 12 (mm)Self-contained gun head size: 3~12 (mm)Pull force: 1900 (kg)Pull stud stroke: 7 (mm)Air inlet size: 1/4 (inch)Recommended tracheal diameter: 6.5*10 (mm)Working pressure: 0.5-0.7 (Mpa)Average air consumption: 70L/MinTool height: 285 (mm)Overall length: 295 (mm)Scope of application: M3-M12 rivet nutTool net weight: 2.46 (kg)If you have any…
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Product Description

Maximum puller size: 12 (mm)

Self-contained gun head size: 3~12 (mm)

Pull force: 1900 (kg)

Pull stud stroke: 7 (mm)

Air inlet size: 1/4 (inch)

Recommended tracheal diameter: 6.5*10 (mm)

Working pressure: 0.5-0.7 (Mpa)

Average air consumption: 70L/Min

Tool height: 285 (mm)

Overall length: 295 (mm)

Scope of application: M3-M12 rivet nut

Tool net weight: 2.46 (kg)

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Product Features

  • Lever-operated switch for durability
  • Multi-purpose, suitable for rivets of different sizes
  • The stroke can be adjusted as needed, and the operation is more convenient.
  • The product connector can be rotated 360 degrees to adapt to different environments.
  • The venting port comes with a silencer for a comfortable operating environment.